The inspiration that shaped the creation of this company was two-fold.

We wanted a progressive-service oriented company. Something modern and current that responded to a present need. Never in history has it been easier to use illegally obtained sensitive information and harm a person or a company with it. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes today anywhere in the world.

Being of a generation that learned a long time ago about our role as caretakers of our earth, we wanted a green document destruction company. To be able to help others achieve (environmental) sustainable levels in their operations. To give back to mother earth as much as you take out or more. Our company recycles 100% of the paper material we collect. We do not burn shredded paper or use a landfill. We also properly recycle the e-waste we collect. That means making sure it does not end up poisoning a child in Asia. If we cannot properly process your material we will refer you to someone who we know can. We also offer formaldehyde-free containers.

Document Destruction of WNY is a local, family-owned and operated company. We invested in our destruction service to meet a growing need. We choose to invest here in WNY where we live and raise our children. With God’s will and hard work we will grow and reinvest in WNY. Please support your local businesses and help us provide opportunities for others.

We can provide anyone with simple, secure solutions that meet all Federal and State regulations regarding the disposal of written personal information. We will work with the community to inform and help protect against identity theft and other cyber crimes. We will help any individual with their personal disposal needs.

We will be a dependable service that you can trust for your document destruction needs.


Bob Velazquez

Safe, easy, and dependable document destruction for WNY
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